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Training material in 14 different languages

So far, the collection of over twenty modules contains almost 350 files. Translations are uploaded in 13 languages, including Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Hungarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Romanian, Bulgarian and German. The most translated modules are those on enforcement on IPR, business planning around IP and copyright & related rights. If you would like to contribute to the translation work, or if you are an IP trainer wanting access to these materials, please contact us at training(at)iprhelpdesk.eu.

ip4inno - European IPR Helpdesk 

The ip4inno website is operated by the European IPR Helpdesk acting on behalf of European Commission's Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SME's. For any further information please contact us at training(at)iprhelpdesk.eu.

Recordings of Virtual Classroom Lessons (VCLs)

Many users get their ip4inno training over the internet via the Virtual Classroom Lessons (VCLs) by the European Patent Office. 

Previous VCLs have been put on a dedicated area of EPO's e-learning platform. These VCLs cover such topics as business planning with IP, IP financing, patent enforcement, software patents, biotechnology patents and strategies to convince SMEs that IP is important to them.

For SMEs

For the moment under construction

.... but when the library is ready consult a wide selection of articles, case studies and best practices for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on topics ranging from basic information on patents and other kinds of intellectual property, through patent information, to building a business with intellectual property. Would you first like to know more about what intellectual property is?