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Up to date on: 11.1.2008

This area enables you to perform an advanced search for a wide selection of articles, case studies and best practices for small and medium-sized enterprises on topics ranging from basic info on patents and other kinds of intellectual property, through patent information, to building a business with intellectual property.

The materials have been made available in a number of languages by partners in the ip4inno project. Read more about the project and the partners.

Would you first like to know more about what intellectual property is? See our "Basic definitions" page.

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Patent basics

See a definition of a patent. This category includes information on preparing patent applications, filing, the grant procedures, costs, the role of the patent attorney. Here you will also find information on protection for utility models and plant varieties.

Unregistered IP

See a definition of unregistered IP. This category includes information on copyright and other types of unregistered intellectual property right.

"Soft" intellectual property

See a definition of "soft" intellectual property. This category includes information on know-how, trade secrets, confidentiality, etc.

Other industrial property

See a definition of industrial property. Here you will find information on trade marks and designs.

Patent information

See a definition of patent information. Here you will find facts about technical and legal information in patent documents or literature, classification schemes, patent mapping, different databases, searching for patent documents and interpreting results.

Commercialisation of intellectual property

Learn about licensing, contracts, valuing intellectual property, selling and buying technology.

Building a business

Read about drafting a business plan, sources of finance, innovation support in different countries.

Enforcement of intellectual property

See a definition of IP enforcement. Here you will find information on infringement of rights (including counterfeiting and piracy), mediation, settlement of disputes, litigation.

Types of article

case studies
sets of useful links
examples of best practice
recommended reading lists
sample documents
"how-to" guides
discussion of legal provisons

Countries covered by the articles

The ip4inno project focused on countries from which the partners come. Some articles for other countries are also available. You can search for articles which apply to:


Who the texts are for

The ip4inno project focused on:

small and medium-sized enterprises (read the definition)
undergraduate students
the general public

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