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Up to date on: 5.11.2007
Provided by: Finland Board of Patents
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Immaterial system gives support

Mr Mika Waris, Director of Marketing

Strong support to enhancing business competitiveness

The intellectual property system – protection offers advantage in competition – knowledge ensures right measures

Finland is dependent on know-how and entrepreneurship. The significance of intellectual property rights (IPR) in business is continuously increasing. Along with the important role of enterprise and know-how, we have to introduce systems to support these rights. It is exactly what the intellectual property system is about: the protection of intellectual property and the utilisation of existing know-how.

The intellectual property right system for better risk control

One of the biggest obstacles to enterprise is that it always involves all kinds of risks. Any possible measures should be taken in order to reduce them. Here, too, the intellectual property system offers excellent tools.

An innovation-friendly environment encourages enterprise and product development. The intellectual property protection system plays a key role in such an environment by offering businesses access to powerful competitive means in order to support their research and development (R&D) activities and marketing. The intellectual property system substantially reduces the risks and improves competitiveness, says Mr Mika Waris, Director of Marketing of the National Board of Patents and Registration of Finland (NBPR).

However, 50-75% of the small and medium-sized enterprises do not make use of this system.

The intellectual property system for higher competitiveness

Besides exclusive rights for various time periods, the system offers an enormous opportunity to find information about competitors and, especially, product development, and helps to avoid infringing the patents of other actors.

Surveys show that as much as 30-50% of the investments in R&D are not well targeted: existing and documented solutions are "created" over and over again. In Finland, this means a sum of €1.5-2.5 billion each year. By utilising patent information, this overlapping work can be significantly reduced.

So far, patent information as a source of information in product development is quite unknown and unused among businesses. However, it is superior over other external sources of information thanks to its extensive and up-to-date contents, and structure. Patent information includes about 60 million specific descriptions of technical solutions in all technical areas from all over the world, Mr Waris tells us.

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