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Up to date on: 5.12.2007
Provided by: Fraunhofer TEG
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Intellectual property valuation and commercialisation, litigation costs, innovation in Germany - useful links

Type of information




Cost estimation of a litigation action

Interactive on-line tools, which gives an estimation about the costs in litigation tools

Valuation of IP

Offers an on-line tools for valuation

Offers expertises on both the monetary and the strategic value of IP ;

Through the Royalty Source website, you can access helpful tools and expert advice on various aspects of intellectual property valuation and negotiation

An alphabetical list of Free Software/Open Source

The core objective of LESI is to serve licensing executives worldwide in their day-to-day activities

Information on innovation

An on-line benchmarking and information tool

Top down Innovation Planning (TIP) is designed to help SMEs innovate

Information about IP commercialisation (Germany only)