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Up to date on: 10.12.2007
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Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property.

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Industrial sector & Company Name

IP Issues - Abstract & link

One-way and other see-through graphics technologies


"Fighting transparent patent infringements": this small licensor of one-way see-through graphics technologies is very familiar with painful patent experiences – and how one can effectively battle patent infringements. Inventors of ingenious ideas that depend on basic technologies can bet on being ripped off – even with intellectual property in place.

Toiletries consumer market


"Lone inventor with a shoestring IP budget": Costly IP protection especially for limited-funds start ups, but worth it: brings security and psychological comfort to the lone manager.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)


" A UK SME with a groundbreaking digital software licensing system prospers, thanks to its IP": "Without Patents and other IP protections, we would not have been able to make SoftWide® a reality".secured copyright license agreements with over 200 leading software publishers for the digital rights management of their retail products. The company has 3 patents pending in 21 European countries, mirrored by 5 equivalent patents pending in the United States pertaining to the secure production, audited manufacture, shrinkage protection, ordering facility and distribution of digitized information on-demand and at point of sale. The company also currently holds 3 registered trademarks in the United Kingdom. Tribeka has a profound ongoing commitment to developing, deploying and managing IP stratagems and nurturing tangible as well as intangible proprietary assets so as to integrate them in its overall business endeavors and strategy. total patent costs have been about 2.5% of R&D costs to date.”

Polyethylene zips


"Here's how I registered and used my patent": from the application form to the commercialisation, all the success story and tips of a woman who came up with an invention which became very famous by exploiting design protections and patents.


C(2) Software Ltd

Believes that its philosophy of building its intellectual asset base is key to the success of the business.

European cooked meat

Charcuterie Continental Ltd.

Optimization of all the IP assets: Confidentiality agreements ensure in-house know-how and trade secrets remain at Charcuterie Continental, and creative branding sets the company apart from its competitors.

management scanning hardware and software supplies

Edit Ltd

Success due to effective partnerships based on the tangible and intangible assets incorporated in the business.

Services providers

Front Page Ltd.

Trademark litigation and importance of IP: ‘David and Goliath’ legal battle launched by the company against the counterfeiting giant Microsoft, to protect the brand they had spent valuable years building their reputation upon.

medical devices and procedures

Gyne Ideas Ltd

Minitape® RP : innovative product which is protected by patents, trademarks and confidentiality agreements with the precious support of IP specialists.

Whisky liqueurs

Hebridean Liqueurs

"The packaging for our products is essential, and it was part of our original marketing strategy to give every brand its own individual identity. That's why we package our products in very distinctive bottles, each of which is a different shape and colour. We also ensure that the design of labels and boxes is unique and all rights, including copyright, are assigned to the company".

manufacturing and technology for a wide range of industries

Honeywell plc

Honeywell has poor generalised brand awareness or brand recognition, and has identified this as a challenge to be overcome.

financial services and risk management solutions

IMG Limited

Has developed two innovative systems which it has since given brand identities and protected with the use of registered trade marks; licence agreements to allow other companies to benefit from the intellectual assets intrinsic to these branded programmes and to safeguard ownership of its intellectual assets, the company has put in place confidentiality agreements.

products for people with disabilities

Intelligent Textiles Limited

Two professors who invented and patented a product, and how they managed to buy the IP to University and how they manage the trademark strategy.

e-business consultancy services

Parallel 56

“Although we were aware of the importance of our intellectual assets from day one, we possibly didn’t pay as much attention to them as we should have, but when a company is in its infancy, it tends to focus on the now, rather than the future.”

Helps clients to develop their brands and manage their communications.

Randak Brand Development

Essential to have successful management of its intellectual assets to even survive in such a knowledge-based industry.

manufacture and sale of one-day disposable contact lenses


As the sole company in the world dedicated to the manufacture and sale of one-day disposable contact lenses, crucial attention to IP assets to face the litigation-willing attitude of the potential competitors.

activity-based training tools

RSVP Design Ltd

"RSVP's primary interest lay in exploiting the full potential of its creativity. By recognising and registering the full range of its capabilities and products, they have established a valuable asset base which will support future revenues.
The company is also aware that there is more that it can do and is in the process of drawing up appropriate confidentiality agreements for its employees".

glass-like product


Focused on the necessity to have enough trademarks and patents, which protected their technology and made sure they were the only business who could benefit financially from it.

merchandising and promotional services

MPS Limited

Football related products: crucial role of licensing in their success, as well as protecting the images and designs on their merchandise which ensures max. commercial gains.



Wise appreciation of the value of acquiring and protecting its intellectual assets.

insurance and financial services


While its brand name and image are fully protected, two of the significant challenges for Saga are to manage and maintain positive brand perception and to exploit maximum advantage from the brand loyalty created"

agriculture- tomatoes production

"Scotland's Tomatoes"

group of individual tomato growers from Scotland identified a need for a co-operative strategy to market and sell their produce: necessity of a brand strategy.

design and manufacture of signs and interpretation for UK nature and heritage sites

The Osprey Company

the partners in the business were looking for support on how best to manage rapid financial growth and organisational expansion.

chilled and frozen vegetarian food products

Wicken Fen Wholesome Foods Ltd

A small private business based in Duns in the Scottish Borders, the managing director of Wicken Fen was looking to develop two critical processes – new product development and account management.

products for babies

Haberman Associates

"From Innovation to Commercialization and Beyond" :1984: designed and patented in the UK her first invention, a feeder for babies with sucking difficulties.1992:patented another successful product, the Anywayup® cup. one of the UK companies she had initially approached for licensing was making a very similar product to the Anywayup® cup. decided to sue the other company and won the legal battle. An injunction preventing further infringement of the patent was ordered and the appeal was abandoned shortly thereafter as an out of court settlement was reached.successful entrepreneur and has taken an active role in policy-making acting as adviser to the UK government and the Patent Office on intellectual property matters.



Philip Robinson explains how he used the IP system for ensuring the commercial success of his invention - a bicycle seatpost-pump.

diverse, including:
software, packaging, nutrition

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