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Up to date on: 10.12.2007
Provided by: European Patent Academy

Intellectual property case studies - Germany

Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property.

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IP Issues - Abstract & link

Semiconductor field




"Good Timing for High End Technologies" How a small technology company manages its intellectual property can be key to its survival. It is essential for a small company to file key patents to protect technologies and to monitor the patents relevant to technologies in order not to violate foreign patents.

Silicon Drift Detector and components that analyse materials




"Scrutinising IP with X-rays" It’s not important for a small company to have patents in hundreds of countries. Of those dozens and dozens of patents filed over the years, only about ten are still enforced.

Medical Equipment Supplies


"Patents under MRI Examination": growing experience in betting on which patents will pay-off.

IP Bewertungs AG (IPB)

"Patent Valuation"


Success stories in German