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Intellectual property case studies - Italy

Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property.

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Architectural infrastructure
Theatrical design
Packing for storage and transport.
Exposition structures


"Combining Innovative Technology with Artisan Production": used trademark protection for creating a solid corporate identity and a strong external image. Succcesful use and combination of modern technologies applied to artisanal craftsmanship. Strong innovation policy: any "out-of-standard" activity is regarded as R&D. Using patent protection, copyright, and confidentiality agreements when relevant.

Contract research and engineering


"Developing an IP strategy in the ITC sector": How standard R&D contract is an interesting mix of different IP tools; since its foundation (1979), Eidon has used trademark protection to create a solid corporate identity and a strong external image: trademark has been associated with the company’s logo, a double arrow representing the idea of researching deeply into a subject and re-emerging out with a solution. Moreover, Eidon has been granted 15 patents, protecting original systems resulting from different R&D contracts carried out in co-operation with industrial partners in brick industry, ceramics,chemical/petrochemical, food sectors... Shows patent protection as being very important for innovative, high-technology solutions. Finally Eidon relies on copyright protection when software intensive solutions are involved. Eidon’s original software is protected by copyright. Access rights to software, based normally on an exclusive license model, do not usually include access to the source code, which may be granted only in exceptional cases and can be made subject to separate agreements.

Commercialisation of Permanent Scatters Technique (PS Technique)

Telerilevamento Europa

"A spin-off company of the Politecnico Di Milano": a successful case of technology transfer from the university system through the creation of a new spin-off company in which every actor of the Technology Transfer Process reached their own goal:
The university exploited the patent having the guarantee from the industrial partner that maximum effort would be devoted to reach the market in the most effective manner;
The inventors became entrepreneurs receiving financial incentives from both, the patent royalties and the net income of the company;
The new spin-off company can use the patented technology, know-how and trademark of the university as a warranty of the scientific level of the offered service/product keeping a strong link with the Politecnico for carrying on basic research (closing the loop, generating extra research funds for the university).

Beverages- production and distribution of spirits and fruit syrups

L'Industria Liquori e Affini Roma (I.L.A.R. ®)

"The power of Brands":Family owned company since 1875. Originally known as Antica Casa Pallini for their liqueurs Pallini ® and then established a joint-stock company called I.L.A.R.®.The use of raw and exclusively natural ingredients, has allowed I.L.A.R.® to improve and expand its traditional products. Has nowadays several brands: Xc@fé ® for a coffe-based liqueur, a brand of gin called Ascot ®, Romana Sambuca ® and Romana Black ®liqueurs which make it as an undisputed leader in the United States.IP played a key role in its success and considers trademark protection as an essential support to commercial diffusion and to maintain a high standard of exclusivity all over the world.Uses design registration to protect certain design features of the bottles.It is the policy of I.L.A.R.® to register trademarks in Italy and/or abroad when introducing a new product.The firm uses an Italian trade mark agent to manage all matters relating to its trade mark portfolio (registrations, renewals, enquiries on existing trademarks in other countries, disputes etc.) both in Italy and through the agent's associated companies abroad.

Agriculture- apples production.


"The First Italian Designer Apple": "Fruit" of a Consortium of 5200 members of 16 cooperatives of Italian apples producers from the Val Di Non Region who decided to come together under a common brand name for their apples, "Melinda". Became a real strategy (label+brand) to facilitate the market access by creating a strong identity. Deals with collective trademarks challenges and marketing issues: logo, question of the standardization of the production.High financial turnover thanks mostly to IP.

Luxury Footwear and Clothings


Branding and Retailing of Textile and Clothing Products: Using Trademarks for Domestic and International Marketing;

Footwear and Garments


Crucial role of R&D and innovation: How simple and efficient type of business allowed the company to achieve record sales with continuity: example of the crucial role that can be played by investment in research and development and by intellectual capital in an extremely important sector for the Italian economy; technological solutions that ensure breathability and impermeability lead a real patent and trademark strategy: 3 key inventions contributed to their worldwide success: "rubber patent", "leather patent", "apparel patents".

Patented functionality – unique selling proposition of "breathing" shoes