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Up to date on: 10.12.2007
Provided by: European Patent Academy

Intellectual property case studies - Belgium

Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property. The links have been compiled by the European Patent Academy.


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IP Issues - Abstract & link



"Engineering low-cost protection strategies": small>university spin-off in a hudge market: necessity of managing IP and licencing rights to face competitors, being a " small player".



"Patent of the Month": Striking at the heart of the disease…and the market: how a Professor patented his invention, licensed it out to one of the biggest biotech company generating a lot of incomes for both company and University. This major invention allowed him to support R&D by creating a spin-off company and then another business very important and successful in developing new medicines.



"Patent of the Month": Answer for HIV: the success story of a spin-off company started up by 3 professors which patented and commercialised their invention (discovery of CCR5 cellular which has HIV-blocking properties). Market achievements are  research, as well as an impressive intellectual property strategy. Has obtained knowledge through license agreements signed with research units and commercialised its products by creating a patent portfolio and signing license agreements with leading biopharmaceutical companies.