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Provided by: European Patent Academy

Intellectual property case studies - Europe

Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property. The links have been compiled by the European Patent Academy.

30 presentations of research and innovation projects by European SMEs, the European programmes in which they have participated, together with the financial and technical support mechanisms that they have benefited from, at regional, national or European level.

"Le capital Immatériel, première richesse de l'entreprise": Study ( French language) of a portefeuille of several European companies to emphasis the crucial and increasing role and value of immaterial assets, comprising IP (brands, patents...).

All "Patent of the Month" Bulletins are to be found at:


Different case studies dealing with R&D, innovation and IP matters: design protection, patents...

"Commercial solution found to scientific design rights dispute": efficiency of mediation for both parties in a case dealing with complex design rights.

"Entrenched parties in breach of copyright dispute achieve a clean break"

"Manufacturing IP dispute avoids adverse publicity through mediation": When the licence expired a company refused to renew it . Nevertheless the manufacturer continued to produce and sell the merchandise for a number of years...

Success stories of the "Innovation Relay Centres Network" Some of them are about SME's.

IPR Company stories (Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Malta)

The Rice Patent

This page presents some examples of the achievements of completed CRAFT projects.You can search for the success stories that interest you using the simple search box.