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Up to date on: 10.12.2007
Provided by: European Patent Academy

Intellectual property case studies - Denmark

Below we present links to case studies on how companies make use of intellectual property. The links have been compiled by the European Patent Academy.


Industrial sector &
Company Name

IP Issues - Abstract & link

Single-use medical devices



"Injecting more efficacy into patent management" IP plays an important role in everyday decision-making.The emphasis is on producing lots of new technologies and better protecting them through patents and other IP.

tonic crystal fibre solutions



"Fibre optics illuminate the path to success": Key role of IP management and sophisticated patent strategy, as regards to "business point of view" rather than "technological point of view".

rotein engineering technology

Borean Pharma


"A University Spin-Off Case": The company has established state-of-the-art laboratory facilities, and is in the developmental stage of their technology.Borean Pharma A/S has built a strong proprietary and technological position in the area of protein engineering technology, and is highly focused on protecting its intellectual property. As a result, the company holds a number of pending patents and patent applications of which the published PCT-applications are: WO 9418227, WO 98 56906 and WO 00 248189

Decanting Pourers

Inventor Torben Flaubman & company Menu A/S


How a retired plumber, after have watched a programm on TV, created in one night a concept to make the wine tastes better by resolving decanting problems. He made a prototype of his invention, presented it to the Danish Invention Center and patented it few months later.The concept was presented to Menu A/S, a Danish SME which bought a patent license and quickly designed and developed the invention to the production stage. Marketing started already in late 1999. This product has ever since been the best selling of the company's product range. More than 85% of the sales come from exports