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Up to date on: 19.12.2007
Provided by: Fraunhofer Patent Centre

Intellectual property protection in Germany - useful links

The ip4inno Consortium is striving at making the below list as relevant and complete as possible. If you would like to propose an additional resource to be added to the list, please send your suggestion to

The useful links for Germany are divided into the following categories:


German patent law - now including genetic and biotechnological aspects

New author’s rights legislation including software rights and databases

German trade mark law

utility models

other IP laws

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Federal governmental institutions and resources

The German Patent and Trademark Office

Patent database for online research

A basic information for SMEs is on the issued patent document where the patent holder documents his “readiness for licencing”

The German Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Public funding of innovations with online-service, telephone hotline for SMEs and information on EU funding

The German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Patentserver of bmwi

bmwi-information on funding via

Publications of the Ministry

Innonet: support for innovative networks of SMEs, universities and other research institutions, see e.g.

Online patent planning for SMEs

EXIST III funding program of the Ministry and the European Social Fond for company founders from schools of higher education and research centres

Business start-up portal

Brochures for start-up entrepreneurs

Studies for start-up entrepreneurs

Annual congress on the topic of start-ups

The German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety

German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs: innovation competition “Science meets economy”,2754.983428/Innovationswettbewerb-Wirtscha.htm

ifex - a Baden.Württemberg regional government initiative for start-up companies

KfW bank group - supports the German SME sector

Igniting Ideas - The High-Tech Strategy for Germany

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Regional governmental institutions and resources

Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Traffic and Technology

Patent brochure from the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Traffic and Technology

Development project of the Bavarian Ministry of Economy, Traffic and Technology

Bavarian Ministry of Economy: brochure “Protecting ideas - using knowledge"

Bavarian Ministry of Economy:>SME funding

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Non-governmental institutions

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft -  the largest  institution in Europe for applied research. Innovation and IP management is a research object itself at several Fraunhofer institutes 

German patent lawyers chamber

Chambers of industry and commerce

ARGE PIZ e.V. - working group of 23 German patent information centres

Patent information centres in Germany

Chambers of the skilled crafts sector

INSTI - supports efficient use of patent information, informs about intellectual property rights protection, helps with valuation of inventions

A list of 35 regional partners

TechnologieAllianz unites patent marketing agencies and technology transfer agencies in a single network – a nationwide association representing over 200 scientific institutes

Kompetenznetze Deutschland - more than 100 outstanding innovation networks of Germany

Inventors network

Association of inventors

Inventor Clubs

Network of and for licensing specialists

Association of Intellectual Property Experts

GRUR - German Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property

Union of European IP practitioners.

Commerzbank: programme for sale and leaseback of patents

NIBB - network of innovative citizens  

"Sachen machen" initiative - supports strengthening of Germany as a land of technology

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Patent attorneys

To find patent attorneys:

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Research centres

Fraunhofer Gesellschaft e.V. - undertakes applied research of direct utility to private and public enterprise

Max Planck Society ("Research for the future")

Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres - Germany's largest research institution

German Aerospace Center - a member of the Helmholtz community

FZ Karlsruhe - Institute of Technologies - a member of the Helmholtz community

Offers of technology

FZ Jülich - Research Center - a member of the Helmholtz community

GSF - National Research Center for Environment and Health - a member of the Helmholtz community

Ascenion – marketing society of  life science research institute gsf GmbH

Centre for European Economic Research

Brochure „Patents and trade marks as protection mechanisms for innovation"

Company foundation report

Jugend forscht - results of the competition may be used by SMEs

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Education: educational programmes, conferences, seminars

A guide to Master of Laws programmes, including those specialising in Master of Law in Intellectual Property.

Munich Intellectual Property Law Center 

International Studies in Intellectual Property Law, Technische Universität Dresden, Faculty of Law

PATON (Patent centre Thüringen) offers seminars and downloadable material on the topic of IP

Provendis offers Patentführerschein (patent driving licence) courses

Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin with programmes on intellectual property management and SMEs

Center for Intellectual Property Law at the Law Faculty of the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf

Commercial education on intellectual property by Management Circle

Forum Institute for Management GmbH

Heymanns-Verlag GmbH seminars

Intellectual Property Investment Summit & Live Auction 2007

ELSA Köln e.V. / Intellectual Property

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Publications and news sources

vdi - news for engineers

Current announcements from the world of science

Brochure „Guide to patent marketing" 

Brochure “Patente und andere gewerbliche Schutzrechte”

Wirtschaftsförderung und Technologietransfer Schleswig-Holstein GmbH download centre: among others: Check list for patent applicants 

Miniguide for patent management

Downloads and checklists from ipal GmbH - marketing agency for inventions and know-how

Periodical: "Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht" (Industrial property protection and copyright)

“vdi-Nachrichten”  - a weekly newspaper dealing frequently with IP matters, innovations, financing, venture capital

Publications of the Institute for the  research on SMEs, Bonn

The Forrester Wave™: National Innovation Networks, Q4 2006 report (paid),7211,38180,00.html

Study OECD 2006 “Valuation and Exploitation of Intellectual Property” or

FHG-TEG / InTraCom study „Nutzung von Schutzrechtsinformationen für die strategische Unternehmensplanung“ (Use of industrial property information for strategic business planning)

tOSSad - towards Open Source Software adoption and dissemination, an EU-funded project 2007

EPO “Usage Profiles of Patent Information among current and potential users” report, 2003, 102 pages

Studies on the German innovation system 2007

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Deutscher Zukunftspreis - German Future Award

Forschungspreis der Philip Morris Stiftung  - Research Award of the Philip Morris Foundation

Artur Fischer Erfinderpreis Baden-Württemberg - Artur Fischer Inventor Award in Baden-Württemberg  

Hans-Sauer-Preis - Hans Sauer Award


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Patent auctions

The Intellectual Property Marketplace

European Auction for IP-Rights

Patent auctions and IP valuation

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IENA Nürnberg annual inventors fair

Hannovermesse with innovation section and competition

Geneva inventors fair

IPTEC fair for technology transfer

Congress and fair for enterprises

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Gender aspects of innovation

Study "Genderaspekte in der Existenzgründung und Selbstständigkeit" (Gender aspects in the process of company founding and self-employment),did=84992.html

Gründerinnen-Agentur - Germany-wide information and service agency for women's entrepreneurship

"Familienorientierte Personalpolitik" (Family-oriented human resource policy) - a check list for SMEs

Girls' days supported by German federal ministries and other partners

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Innovation support - general resources

Point of contact for innovation support programmes at the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research

Federal research and innovation support programmes

Regional research and innovation support programmes

Technology transfer between research institutions and private companies

Federal funding opportunities

A special focus on R&D based foundations of new enterprises

Funding is also available for the participation in national and international fairs

Database of EU, federal and regional support programmes

Portal for publicly funded R&D

Original is ingenious - an anti-counterfeiting and -piracy campaign

New innovation initiative for SMEs in ICT (information and communication technologies)

Marketing initiative “InnovationMarket” - Ideas searching for capital or company / companies searching for innovation

Inventors' platform for commercializing patents

WISSPAT® software for technology competitiveness analysis

Portal for self-assessment of innovation capacity

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Innovation support and technology transfer

resources by state (in bold: name of state [Land])

Network of patent information centres (transfer organisations, trade chambers, founders organisations)

German society for Information science and practice - regional working groups

German network of Innovation Relay Centres

EIC - German Euro Info Centres in about 30 German cities



InTraCoM GmbH consultancy

Moser & Partner GmbH consultancy

Steinbeis-Transferzentrum Infothek - innovation management

Patent information centre, Stuttgart

Technology and Licencing Bureau of the Baden-Württemberg universities

Steinbeis Foundation - technology and knowledge transfer


LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern)

LGA Training & Consulting GmbH Patente und Normen

Virtual support centre for patent search

Consultor Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH consultancy

Centre of technology, Würzburg

Innovations- und Gründerzentrum Bamberg GmbH - Centre for innovation and company founding

Item Communication Management Services GmbH

PAVIS - patent rights management

Technologie- und Gründerzentrum (TGZ) Würzburg - Centre for technology and company founding

Winter, Brandl, Fürniss, Hübner, Röss, Kaiser, Polte – Partnerschaft - patent law firm

Munich Chamber of industry and commerce

FUTUR (Forschungs- Und Technologietransfer Universität Regensburg) - Regensburg University’s multidisciplinary service facility for knowledge and technology transfer

Netzwerk Nordbayern (North Bavaria Network) - independent network advising in the areas of company founding, business planning, financing, capital and contact procurement


ipal GmbH - marketing agency for inventions and know-how financed by some Berlin universities /


Zukunftsagentur Brandenburg

IQ Brandenburg - network of technology transfer agencies

Technologiestiftung Berlin GmbH  - Fund for technology

EuroNorm GmbH Gesellschaft für Qualitätssicherung und Innovationsmanagement mbH - quality assurance and innovation management company


HKS Handelskammer Hamburg Service GmbH - Chamber of commerce centre for innovation and patents -

IPB AG consultancy



Kassel University patent information centre

Hessen Agentur GmbH

Basic information about trade marks

Chamber of industry and commerce - patent rights

Chamber of industry and commerce - contact points

Chamber of industry and commerce - trade marks, plagiarism


Lower Saxony / Niedersachsen:

Erfinderzentrum Norddeutschland (EZN) GmbH - North Germany centre for innovators

Heidrun Stubbe GmbH Information and Innovation

Centre for the Environment and Technology Osnabrück

Lower Saxony Institute for economics studies



ATI Küste GmbH Gesellschaft für Technologie und Innovation - Consultancy for technology and innovation


North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) (Nordrhein-Westfalen):

Patent and Innovation Centre (PIC) Bielefeld

Chamber of industry and commerce, Krefeld

AGIT – Aachener Gesellschaft für Innovation und Technologietransfer mbH - regional development agency for the technology region Aachen

ATHENA Technologie Beratung GmbH - technology consultancy

IHC International Management Consultants GmbH

MACHER GmbH consultancy

TEPAC - Technology and patent consulting

WIND Wissenschaftlicher Informationsdienst GmbH - Search services, seminars, consultancy

POWeR (Patent Offensive Westfalen Ruhr) - regional association of universities Bielefeld, Dortmund, Münster and Paderborn

University of Bielefeld instructive portal for SMEs

Industry and commerce chamber in Niederrhein with information for company founders

Innovation forum Niederrhein

Technology centre Niederrhein

Union for support of patents and innovations in North Rhine-Westphalia



IHK Zetis GmbH - chamber of industry and commerce



Chamber of industry and commerce - starter centre for company founders



Zentrale für Produktivität und Technologie Saar e.V. - centre for productivity and technology


Saxony (Sachsen):

BTI Technologieagentur Dresden GmbH - technology agency

PVA Sächsische Patent Verwertungsagentur

GWT-TUD GmbH (Technische Universität Dresden) - services in the area of knowledge and technology transfer

AGIL Leipzig - innovation promotion and technology transfer agency


Saxony-Anhalt (Sachsen-Anhalt):

ESA Erfinderzentrum Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH - innovators' centre

MIPO-Mitteldeutsche Informations-, Patent-, Online-Service GmbH Halle - patent information service



Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation

Patent and valuation agency Schleswig-Holstein

Business Development and Technology Transfer Corporation of Schleswig-Holstein

Service center: Industrial property rights


Schwabia (Schwaben):

Chamber of industry and commerce


South Thuringia (Süd-Thüringen):

Chamber of industry and commerce


Thuringia (Thüringen):

Technische Universität Ilmenau Patentinformationszentrum und Online-Dienste-PATON - patent information centre

TGF Schmalkalden Technologie- und Gründer-Förderungsgesellschaft - technology and company founding promotion society

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Link lists

Website of the patent attorney Professor Helge B. Cohausz with many useful links 

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