Bitcoin was on a good run, market sentiment was upbeat as never before for a Halving. But, everything deflated as soon as the event took place. Why hasn’t Bitcoin’s value grown as expected?

For weeks we were reporting all the signs that their investment models in Bitcoin were showing to the experts. Also, about several indices that showed optimism regarding the Bitcoin Halving event. All this indicated that the value of BTC was going to increase. But, so far, it has remained strangely stable.

Of course, experts and indices always warned that, even though their models seemed irrefutable on paper, in reality the price of Bitcoin always does what it wants. So it’s unpredictable.

Is it possible for Bitcoin to break the limits and surpass its historical record?

Why hasn’t the price increased as expected?
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Many experts still believe so. They argue two main reasons, one related to supply and demand, because as half of Bitcoin is mined, demand for BTC is expected to increase.

The second reason is because at these prices many crypto miners do not have a profitable business. This will have another negative impact on supply.

With fewer miners in the ecosystem, supply will be further reduced and, in theory, demand will continue to grow.

Although many experts show us this or that model, on Japanese sails, cruises and so on, these will ultimately be the two reasons that are expected to take the value of Bitcoin to the skies. So, let’s break them down one by one.

5 lessons from the third Bitcoin Halving.

The value of Bitcoin will increase because there will be fewer miners

There’s something important we should point out. Most of the good analysts expressed that the increase in value of Bitcoin was not going to be instantaneous. So, we should stick our heads in ice, calm down and wait for the “fat cows” season.

The price increase, because of the first blow of supply, will not be instantaneous. Many of the world’s largest mining farms have month-long contracts for electricity, rent, personnel, etc. In addition, they have the financial muscle to hold out for several months.

In turn, many of them took the opportunity to mine as much as possible before Halving. That’s why we saw the Hash Rate increase to its historic level before the third Bitcoin Halving.